Magnetic Angle Gauge

Magnetic Angle Gauge (Clinometer) with center point finder
Order-No. 775.005
  • Precision Bevel Protractor with Dial Indicator, Magnetic Base and center pointer
  • with built-in spirit level
  • split with dial of 360° in 0 - 90 - 0 - 90° degrees
  • with two permanent magnets in a 90° V-base
  • with prismatic base (wide 84 mm) for Shafts up to 100 mm
  • scale division 1°
  • accuracy ± 0,5°
  • dial diameter 60 mm
  • Height x Width x Depth = 130 x 125 x 2,55 mm
  • without magnifier
  • without wooden case
  • weight 0,410 kg
For leveling, locating of center point and angle adjustment.
Indispensable for welders and assemblers for the fast precise angle determination.

Application area:
This accurate angle gauge (Protractor / Clinometer) has an extremely sensitive balanced needle.
The welded permanent magnets in the prismatic V-socket hold the device securely to the round
or flat metal firmly, thus enabling the user to work safely.The V base is precision milled and the
center pin will show the middle point.
Particularly suitable for angle measurement, surface orientation and determination of center points.
Determining angles on shapers, milling machines, grinders.
Very useful by search for the center, when you mill, when you grind, at the fast planer,
when you install a tube, when you mount controlling appliances, when you set up a frame,
when you level heating plants, when you weld.
349,00 EUR
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